“ECI Health is a great company to deal with and their products, Lyprinol, Curminol and Crystal Mind, in particular, are excellent. Before taking these supplements I spent a lot of my day confined to bed. I would have to take daily injections just to get out of bed. If I was doing a wedding or a funeral I would have to take an injection just to get me through it and then I would have to go straight back to bed.

These supplements have really changed my life, I no longer need any pain-killing injections and I can get through the whole day now without having to go back to bed at all. The difference in my quality of life is just wonderful. I find my concentration and alertness have also improved a lot since taking Crystal Mind. I am really delighted with what ECI Health has done for my life. I can’t thank them enough.”

Fr Joe Brophy



“For quite a while I realized, along with the help from my young adult children that my diet was not good… constant meals on the go …fries …looking at the dessert menu first when out and getting the sweetest one… Buying a packet of biscuits and eating them all at one sitting, in particular Jaffa cakes…

So when a brochure arrived in the door over Christmas I finally decided to do something about it. Orla was great, she did loads of tests and as suspected many were off the charts and in the red (red is not good!!) My Cholesterol, BMI, Rai, etc, were all high. Orla explained why …and in very simple terms …but most importantly she said I could be saved!! …and went on to explain what I needed to do. Well, the results have been amazing and my readings have shown significant improvement in all areas. Orla’s Optimum Health Program has given me a new lease of life and while I am not doing all I need to do, in particular exercise, I am certainly on a great new path!”

JP Murtagh



“Since my first consultation with Orla and following her advice, I have made great changes to my diet and really understand how and when the foods I eat affect my body and health. I was quite shocked at that initial consultation as my test results were not what I had expected….my cholesterol was up, blood sugars above-average artery health not that good and so it went on.

The changes Orla advised me to make, the education I have received from her regarding my diet and lifestyle have had a huge impact on my health. I have more energy, no longer having energy dips in the afternoon and all my tests results have improved remarkably, I feel soooo much better! The sugar cravings have gone and I don’t miss it, Orla gave me a new way to ‘eat healthily, feel great’ despite my unusual working hours. Thanks so much, Orla and ECI Health”

Lesley O’Halloran