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Natural Zinc from the Atlantic Coast of Ireland

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Powerful Zinc from the Atlantic coast of Ireland

Made in Ireland OysterMax™ Zinc is the most potent oyster extract on the market in terms of zinc content. The oysters are the highest natural source of it – 10 times more than the next source which is red meat. It is also organic and easy absorbable. In addition we’ve balance it with organic co-factors like copper, manganese and selenium the way nature intended.

Zinc controls more than 300 processes in the body and as such is one of the most important trace elements required. The WHO estimates that up to 80% of adults are mildly zinc deficient. Deficiency can manifest in many ways. You may experience decreased immunity, fatigue, loss of libido and lack lustre skin, hair and nails.xxx

OysterMax™ Zinc is much more beneficial than the many in-organic products on the market. The reason is it has its source in an animal therefore is more similar to human zinc and consequently much more beneficial than the many in-organic products on the market. Consequently our product it is very effective. This ideal supplement is not causing the nutrient imbalances. It can occur when zinc is taken on its own. Finally, our supplement comes balanced together with all 59 trace elements the body needs to maintain peak physiological functioning. OysterMax™ Zinc provides better defence, naturally.

Coast of Ireland oyster Zinc


The main benefit is the decrease of fatigue and boost of the immune response. It is also good for sexual health in men and women, also improves skin, hair and nails condition.
It plays a role in bone and joint health, and because of its high bioavalibility is acting very fast.
We produce OysterMax™ Zinc in Ireland from Irish oysters, it is 100% organic and natural. Finally, this superfood is gluten free

OysterMax™ Zinc

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Natural Zinc from Atlantic Coast of Ireland


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