OysterMax™ Slim


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Irish seaweed and Irish oyster extract to Improve Metabolism

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Irish marine extracts to help you get slimmer when used as part of a weight loss programme.

OysterMax™ Slim is composed of two unique Irish marine extracts, both of which are beneficial in weight management.

Pure oyster powder can help regulate many enzymatic processes vital for correct metabolism and digestion of food. Because fucoidan increases metabolism and speed up the breakdown of lipids and fats consequently it is leading to faster weight loss than under normal circumstances.

Opposite to other products on the market, pure oyster powder contains all the building blocks necessary to maintain all the digestive enzymes functioning correctly. As a result it may help the pancreas regulate insulin production and blood sugar levels and it helps the liver regulate the release of glycogen to stabilise blood sugar levels. Fluctuations in blood sugar levels can lead to food cravings which are not beneficial in weight management.

Research on Fucoidan suggest it has a role in stabilizing blood sugars, reducing cravings and controlling appetite. The lecithin content may help break down fatty deposits under the skin. The high iodine content is stimulating an under active thyroid gland. We can link this process  to a slower metabolism and weight gain. This new powerful combination is a vital part of any weight management program. Slimmer, naturally.

Benefits of OysterMax Slim

First of all it helps regulate digestive enzymes and may help regulate insulin production. In addition, OysterMax Slim can boost anti-oxidant enzymes and stabilise blood sugar levels. Other benefits: improves gastrointestinal function, helps break down fats under skin, helps satisfy hunger cravings. Finally, improves metabolism

Remember – We are manufacturing OysterMax Slim in Co. Wicklow, Ireland using Irish seaweed and Irish oysters. Our Supplement is natural, pure and organic.


OysterMax™ Slim

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Made in Ireland using Irish seaweed and Irish oysters to Improve Metabolism


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