A healthy stomach is the most important part of a healthy body because if your stomach is not healthy, the body will not be healthy either.

Curcumin can assist in curing common stomach disorders.


How curcumin usage helps stomach issues

Helps in case of indigestion

Research studies have shown that curcumin helps in releasing bile which is believed to help in digestion of food.

Curcumin is known to do this by stimulation gallbladder which releases bile. Bile plays an important role in digestion and absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins in our small intestine.

Gas buildup

Curcumin calms the upper digestive system by getting rid of gas. Curcumin is also known to help increase absorption in the intestine and promote intestinal flora.


Ulcerative colitis

This is a chronic digestive tract disease, it is not curable and thus symptoms come and go. Ulcerative colitis can cause stomach pain and blood in feces. Studies were conducted on patients with ulcerative colitis and it was found that patients who were given curcumin had a lower relapse rate. Thus turmeric provided benefit to patients.


Gastric ulcers

The food we eat today can potentially cause harm to our digestive system. On a daily basis, we eat food which has corrosive properties and harm wall of stomach and intestine.

Curcumin helps by increasing gastric wall mucus which acts as a protective layer.



Curcumin is also helpful for patients having hemorrhoids. Curcumin with flaxseed oil can be taken orally or applied externally to get the benefit.



How to take Curcumin?

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Source: Turmericforhealth.com | August 11 2020

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