Talking to a qualified therapist can help provide positive coping strategies, reduce painful thoughts and feelings.

Therapy can help you regulate emotions, foster self-awareness and self-understanding, enlightenment and self-belief. The counseling sessions will support you to become aware of how the past may be influencing your current thoughts and behaviours, and support you to work through unresolved issues and conflicts you may have with significant people in your life.

We have a qualified team of Counselors to address your concerns and challenges.

Inquire about services including:

  • Counseling and Psychotherapy for Adults, Adolescents and Children
  • One-to-One sessions
  • Couples & Groups
  • Well-being sessions

Cathy Palmer

Integrative Counselor and Psychotherapist: Adults, Adolescents and Children

Lorraine Kavanagh

Counselor and Psychotherapist Adults One-to-One

Suzanne Horgan

Well-being coach, motivational speaker and creator of Soulfully Be – specialise in advice with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, eating disorders.

Judy Moran

Counselor and Psychotherapist